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gray and associates - business planning
gray and associates - tax planning
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Gray & Associates are Tax Specialists. We also provide expert Business Planning and Corporate Secretary Services. Our offices are located in Lago Vista and Cedar Park, Texas.

Contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment and get your personal or business affairs on a winning track.

Consider this:

  • Are you planning to start a business and need help choosing the best business entity?
  • Are you shareholder or officer of a corporation and not sure about your responsibilities to protect yourself?
  • Would you like to stay off the IRS radar and pay as little taxes as legally allowable?

Gray & Associates can help!

Gray & Associates Services

gray & associates - business planning

Business Planning

Business Planning may consist of advice on business entity choice, like proprietorship, corporation, etc. We can also assist with cash flow analysis, and other aspects.  Three of our colleagues have started and managed small businesses. So, our clients get the benefit of this experience when they ask us for business planning.

gray & associates - corporate secretary service

Corporate Secretary Services

Corporate Secretary Services involve scheduling the shareholder and director meetings of your corporation.  Shareholders and directors receive formal meeting notices.  Meetings are held at our offices, following an appropriate agenda and keeping proper minutes.  We sign the official minutes and keep these records archived.  We issue stock certificates and maintain the Stock Transfer Ledger. This keeps your Corporation intact.

gray & associates - tax planning

Tax Planning

Tax Planning helps you understand how a transaction will affect your next tax return. Examples might be the sale of a big investment, or a change in employment. Sometimes the answer will affect how a client structures a deal.  Usually, it provides peace of mind, and eliminates IRS underpayment penalties.

gray & associates - tax return preparation

Tax Return Preparation

Tax Preparation keeps you in compliance with federal and state income tax laws.  We focus, first, on keeping the IRS from taking issue with your tax account. Then we focus on minimizing your tax using every legitimate deduction, exclusion, and credit.  We make your completed tax returns available to you 24 hours a day via a secure online portal.

Our staff at Gray & Associates are all experts in their fields, with many years of experience. We strive to provide you with the highest level of professional service in the tax and business services industry.

Contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment and get your personal or business affairs on a winning track.